Follow a good example with a new accent app


Many people are coming to us to fix their English, because they learned it with bad pronunciation and as a result their social and professional lives suffered. We had people with degrees in English Language, but their speech was too quiet and unintelligible, because they didn't know how to project their voice, how to pronounce English sounds correctly, etc. When we asked how it happened they told us that the main focus in their study was on English grammar, reading silently and writing.

We think, that the best way to master English speech is to listen to native speakers who have Received Pronunciation (RP or Oxford English), repeat after them and memorise phrases rather than separate words. But it is not always easy to find someone for that. Nowadays many native Brits speak with regional accents and their speech is not the best example to follow if you want to be understood globally.

We have the solution for you: we have published a new accent app on the AppStore: "English Accent for Beginners”. It contains essential English words, phrases and short snappy sentences, amusing verses, rhythmic and articulation exercises and passages, all of them so useful and easy to repeat.

With this accent app you can:

·       Listen to the same phrase/ sentence/verse to master the English sounds of RP a few times;

·       Repeat and record yourself, imitating the actor’s pronunciation, intonation and the stresses;

·       Compare your speech with actors on the app.


Olga Smith