How to get rid of your accent fast

A few days ago I met with a new student and she said that she feels a bit skeptical that she can get rid of her accent. She said:" I know I will study English sounds and intonation, but I doubt I can speak without an accent. Indeed, many students practice with accent apps and books regularly, but when it comes to their everyday speech they still speak with an accent.

Where is the catch? I tell you. Every person has their own individual vocabulary. For example a doctor talks about patients, a lawyer about his clients, a housewife about kids, organising the house and so on. Each uses certain words in certain situations.

We give our students a task right from the start: we ask them to write down mini passages and mini dialogues from their everyday speech and bring them to each lesson. Each lesson we study English sounds, intonation and articulation, and each time I ask students to identify English sounds in their passages and dialogues.

Performing this task has huge benefits for accent softening:

·        Your accent reduction is laser focused on your individual vocabulary.

·        Your work on accent is practical and relevant.

·        You are very motivated because you see the desired results fast.

Do not rely on material from accent apps and books alone, take your accent reduction work in your own hands and bring it to the next level today! Write down mini passages and dialogues on essential topics: your education, work, where you live, where are you from, shopping etc. and use them during your accent reduction lessons. To book your lesson email:

I wish you fun with this work!


Olga Smith