They didn't get a chance to get a job because of their accent

23 January 2019

By Olga Smith

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend who works as a recruiter in Silicon Valley.

He conducts phone interviews, and if the interviewee is successful, he conducts a personal interview with a job applicant, many of whom are non-native English speakers. He said, “It’s harder to understand someone with an accent, especially on the phone. I feel frustrated because I can’t understand what they are saying.”  He further added that regretfully, many job applicants do not have a second interview because of their strong accent.

 On average, it takes between one and three months to neutralise a strong accent and make one's speech clear and easy to understand. People start with a speech analysis, then book a few lessons and practice at home. This process of accent reduction costs around £500-£1,000 on average.

 My recruiter friend also told me an interesting fact, "We have many people already working in Silicon Valley who have strong Chinese or Indian accents. Many of them make $150k per year, however if they spoke more clearly, they would find it easier to be promoted and could earn up to $500k per year."

 If you are looking for a new job or a promotion, why wouldn't you invest in improving the clarity of your speech?

 Our company, which has helped hundreds of people with strong accents to start a new job or get a promotion, has recently published an easy to use and powerful app, built specifically for business people: Business English Speech.


This app will give you four benefits to boost your career. It will:

 1. Prepare you for a job interview

2. Improve your business emails writing skills

3. Enrich your business vocabulary

4. Improve your listening skills

 Download the app today.

When you find it useful and if you write a review, you will receive a FREE thirty minutes speech analysis with a written report that will speed up neutralising your accent (usually it costs £120).

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