English Speech apps on promotion


Accent reduction is a process that requires time, effort and useful tools. We have been on the market since 2006 and have published bestselling books in series Get Rid of your Accent and later developed accent reduction apps for all levels of English ( beginners, intermediate advanced proficiency, public speaking) and a variety of topics, from essential phrases, to Business English and classic poetry and prose.

Today we have fantastic news for you, for the first time we are running a promotion for our three bestselling apps:

  • English Accent for Beginners is now £7.99, the full price is £13.99. This app contains essential modern English vocabulary, words, phrases, sentences and verses.

  • Get Rid of your Accent UK1 is now £7.99, the full price is £13.99. This app is a classic elocution course to master RP (Received Pronunciation), or as it was called in the past the Queens English, Oxford English or BBC English.

  • Business English Speech is now £7.99, the full price £19.99. This is the only app on the market that contains speech training and business English vocabulary. It is written in the style of Financial Times and The Economist.

The promotion will last 8 days only.

We also publish supporting videos on our YouTube channel where we explain the most difficult speech patterns to our followers. Bellow is the link to our most recent video:



For more information about our books and apps visit www.batcsglobal.com



Olga Smith