All we need is...

This article can be helpful for people who want to study a language and other skills in an efficient way.

I learned Italian using YouTube, audio books and speaking with friends in Italian for 6 months and as a result I have developed good speaking and listening skills.

Two weeks ago, I joined a group in a college with intention to enhance my Italian and bring it t the next level. I was very disappointed to find out that my co-students could not speak Italian after learning it for three years in this college. During the class the teacher kept talking most of the time, students did some grammar exercises, but when it came to speaking the language they could hardly say simple sentences. I said to myself, if I continue with them I might lose my ability to speak Italian and I have decided to get my money back and leave this college.

When I learned English in EFL colleges I faced the same problems: the teachers talks, we speak little and just learn patterns without enough practice.

I believe that the best way to learn a new skill is to have minimum theory and lots of practice. That's why 12 years ago I have decided to write books for mastering English speech together with my speech tutor Linda James, who is one of the top speech tutors in London.  Our books and apps help develop standard British accent, or the Queens English, also known in the past as BBC English. We give 10% of theory and 90% of practice. With our apps you can listen to RP (Received Pronunciation), repeat, record yourself and finally compare your speech with model pronunciation.

In conclusion I want to stress that practice is the key to develop most skills. Today thanks to internet, many great books and apps we hardly need colleges with teachers. All we need is self-discipline to study every day.