Get Rid of your Accent video course is now available on Udemy!

9 July 2019

By Olga Smith

We are thrilled to announce that our most wanted Get Rid of your Accent video course is now available on Udemy.  During this course, students will learn all sounds of Received Pronunciation or as it was called in the past the Queen’s English, Oxford English or BBC English.

Content of the course
This course consists of 42 private lessons, where Linda James, one of the top speech tutors in the UK with over 25 years of experience explains and demonstrates how each English sound is formed in the mouth. Her student, Olga Smith tries to produce the sounds and then Linda offers very effective exercises for Olga. The atmosphere of a private lesson is wonderful. Olga highlights to Linda main difficulties that different nationalities have with particular English sounds. Linda offers  very useful tips which cannot be found in books or apps.

Together,  Linda and Olga co-authored several international bestsellers in series Get Rid of your Accent. The popularity of their books led to creating accompanying apps. This video course coupled with apps or books provide a total solution for accent reduction on line. Lessons numbers in the video course, books and apps correspond to the same sound.

The main benefits of this course to students
1. You can watch each lesson several times and master the correct placement of your speech organs for English sounds to perfection.
2. You will get plenty of practical exercises to make the correct pronunciation your habit with apps.
3. You will save thousands of pounds on private lessons with speech tutors. The market price of a speech lesson is now £95-£250.
4. You will change the way you speak English forever! No more being asked to repeat yourself! No more being disadvantaged by your pronunciation!

Here is one of the videos from this course:

I hope you enjoy our course

Sincerely Yours

Olga Smith