Get Rid of your Accent, UK1

Get Rid of your Accent UK Part One App is the British English pronunciation course at your fingertips, ideal for self-study. It contains 42 audio lessons from the international bestseller Get Rid of your Accent, Part One, by Linda James and Olga Smith. 

The lessons cover all English sounds needed to master Received Pronunciation. Students can read, listen to audio tracks, record themselves, and compare their pronunciation with the model.

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Highly recommended! ★★★★★
by ivedekhina - Version - 1.4 - Jun 5, 2015

This book was recommended by a good friend, on whose opinion I can usually rely. Wow! After just a few days of rather intensive practice I received a compliment about how much better I can speak now. Well, actually I can hear the improvement myself. The important change is I can hear myself as I speak much better now, so I pronounce better even those sounds which I have not practiced yet with this App. Great work, thanks!

Excellent! ★★★★★

by Wanderer10 - Version - 1.1 - Mar 8, 2014

Exactly what I was looking for!

Best App ★★★★★

by tutasca - Version - 1.1 - Jan 28, 2014

It's worth it. Please next book ASAP.

Fantastic! ★★★★★

by Leonty D. - Version - 1.1 - Jan 25, 2014

Great app for basic pronunciation training!

Brilliant ★★★★★

by Bristoled - Version - 1.1 - Nov 21, 2013

I downloaded the app 4 weeks ago and is absolutely fantastic, I have noticed a difference already. Congratulations on making such a good app, the only of its kind. I look forward to more material

Simple. ★★★★★

by Nosalus - Version - 1.0 - Oct 27, 2013

It works for me. I am over 40 years old so language not comming easy. I work with english coworkers speak with them but some times comunication is not easy because accent.

Great App! ★★★★★

by Correcaminos! - Version - 1.0 - Oct 16, 2013

Great Application! Easy to use and great for practising on your own. It complements really well the lessons. Really recommend it if you want to get rid of your accent!

By far best App to speak English properly. Don't look further!!! ★★★★★

by gimenezjorge - Version - 1.0 - Aug 10, 2013

I found this app by chance and in weeks I was feeling the difference, people where telling me how good my english accent was. I work for a large blue chip company and I do lots of presentations in English. However, my native language is Spanish and I have always struggle pronouncing some words properly. "Get Rid of your accent UK" is the most interactive and professional app made so far (Believe me I have tried it all!). It really helped me to have the right pronunciation very quick, I learned how to position the tongue and lips plus the exercises are extremely helpful and well done. The app is very easy to use and interactive, if you follow the instructions I can guarantee you will see the difference fast. If you want to speak English properly and get rid of your accent, this is the best product in the market. I highly recommend it !

Great App! ★★★★★

by Lina Ramirez - Version - 1.0 - Aug 2, 2013

I bought the app and I could see the results even after practicing for a week! The app has high quality training material and contains everything I need to master my speech: wonderful audio tracks; I can record myself and compare with the model pronunciation; the closer i get to the model pronunciation the better my accent becomes. this app is a must have for all who need good English speech.

Excellent ★★★★★

by HPR1 - Version - 1.0 - Aug 1, 2013

This is unquestionably the best English pronunciation app in the market. It is very elegantly designed and I have found it extremely effective. If you want to speak RP (Received Pronunciation), this is the app for you. I can't recommend it highly enough.