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Our Skype sessions take place once a week on Wednesdays from 8pm till 8.45 pm.

The price for a group Skype lesson is £35, the full course is £270 (6 sessions plus speech analysis).  The speech analysis is compulsory as we group people according to their speech needs (a group of max. 4 people). 

To enrol: simply transfer £95 for your speech analysis and £35 for your first session and email your Skype name to

You can pay by a bank transfer or PayPal.

Speech Analysis

Before you start any study it is important to identify  your current situation, so that you can move in the right direction effectively.

Before you start your study individually or on one of our Accent Reduction courses we need to know your individual pronunciation problems. You come to our offices for your speech analysis where we record your speech after which we present you with a written report with your mistakes and our recommendations. You can also have it on Skype.

The speech analysis helps us to fit you in a group with people with similar to yours needs and make your study efficient. After the speech analysis we might recommend you to come for a few individual elocution lessons instead of joining the course if your needs are very different from the rest of participants.

The speech analysis lasts 45 minutes and costs £60, you will receive a written copy by email, it will contain your plan of study with lesson numbers from our books and apps.

The speech analysis also allows you  to  work individually with our books and apps with much more clarity and understanding.

One to one lessons

We recommend one lesson a week, 45 minutes lesson costs £65, and 60 minutes lesson costs £80. You can have it in person if you are prepared to commute to our London office or on Skype.

Audio or video recording - the most effective accent reduction tool

We encourage our students to record themselves every day. In some cases, particularly at the beginning of their study, students need extra tutor's support. Also some students use this service before their job interviews or important presentations. They send us their recording and we listen to it and send them our feedback with very specific recommendations.  Then they send us the improved version of their recording. This exercise is the most effective accent reduction tool. It helps with 3 things:

1. To ensure that you practice in the correct way (the distance between lessons is 6 days and, in our experience, students need more tutor's attention);

2. To help you keep the momentum of your study (in our experience, students tend to skip practices, therefore their speech organ muscles are not being trained properly , hence very little or no progress is made);

3. To ensure you incorporate the correct sounds into your speech (in our experience, many students manage to master the words from our books and apps, but find it difficult to start speaking with the correct pronunciation, and the whole point is to speak correctly, and not just learn our books by heart).

Each English sound has a specific position of your tongue, lips and jaw and for each sound specific speech organ muscles are being used.  The thing is that your speech organ muscles were trained for your native language from your childhood. Now we need to train them for English sounds. Just like with training or strengthening your other body muscles, in order to achieve results you need to be consistent and regular. Therefore,  we encourage our students to practice at least 30-45 minutes a day.