Th links bellow are to the audio books for different levels and skills. The links work in Germany.

How to proceed with accent reduction:


Get Rid of your Accent for Beginners book and supporting app, English Accent for Beginners.

British Accent - Intermediate

Get Rid of your Accent, Intermediate level book and three supporting apps (choose one):

British Accent - Advanced

1. Get Rid of your Accent, Advanced level book and two supporting apps (choose either or both):

2. Get Rid of your Accent in Business, Proficiency level book.

American Accent

Get Rid of your Accent, General American, Intermediate level book and supporting app, American Accent Toolkit.

Descriptions and samples of our products follow.


English Accent for Beginners App
This app contains all 48 lessons from the book “Get Rid of your Accent for Beginners”,
It is a total solution for accent reduction. You will:
• Master all English sounds of received pronunciation (RP), also known as Oxford English, Queen’s English, or BBC English;
• Drill articulation exercises, consonant clusters, word endings;
• Learn patterns of English intonation and sentence stress;
• Master fluency, speaking in phrases and linking words together.

Get Rid of your Accent, Part 1 is an international bestseller. It has been translated into Russian and Chinese and adapted for mastering a General American accent (see below).

Elocution lessons, articulation

Elocution lessons, articulation

We recommend that you use our paperback and Kindle books together with our audio books and apps.

Get Rid of Your Accent UK1 App
English sounds and intonation in humorous sentences and verses. Based on elocution lessons from London drama schools.

Get Rid of Your Accent UK1 China App
Get Rid of Your Accent UK1 App, with Speech Organ Positions and Words exercises translated into Chinese.

Get Rid of Your Accent UK1 Russia App
Get Rid of Your Accent UK1 App, with Speech Organ Positions and Words exercises translated into Russian.

You will need to use an American accent in the US, when working with US companies, or with Americans. An American accent has many sounds that are different from a British accent. This book teaches US sounds. It’s one of our most popular offerings.

American Accent Toolkit App
Sounds and intonation for a General American accent in humorous sentences and verses. This app contains all 44 audio lessons from the book, Get Rid of your Accent, American Accent Training Manual.

This book helps you to develop fluent speech by learning connected speech patterns. You will know what to stress and what to “throw away” in order to sound more like a native English speaker. This book also teaches you how to modulate your voice and use pauses to empower your speech. We have two accompanying apps for this book: Fluent English Speech and 4Ps, Power, Pitch, Pace, Pause.

Fluent English Speech App
Consonant clusters, word endings and connected speech patterns. Fluency, stress; over 100 idioms and colloquialisms.

4Ps, Power, Pitch, Pace, Pause App
Voice modulation, voice projection, articulation. Use of pauses. Vowels and consonants with comparison charts.


Business English Speech App
Business vocabulary, all sounds to master English accent in phrases, sentences and passages.

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