Public Speaking app is on the app store

Four things this app will help you with:

1. Make your voice loud and clear
2. Use pauses correctly and for drama effect.
3. Modulate your voice by changing pitch, pace and loudness.
4. Neutralise an accent.

Crack the code of public speaking in just 4 session!

There is nothing attractive about a monotonous voice – a voice which runs along on the same level all the time. This voice is not interesting to others and can never hold their attention for long. The voice drones on without any light or shade, or modulation, as we call it in speech training. Modulation simply means changing the voice to make it less monotonous to listen to. We can use what we call the 4 Ps to help make the delivery more energized and dynamic.

We have started enrolment on our  November 2017 public speaking course! The price for 4 sessions is £350. Each session is two hours. The size of the group is 4-6 people.

During this course you will practice:

1.  4Ps (Power, Pitch, Pace and Pause), or voice modulation and use of pauses;

2. The use of rhetorical devises;

3. Structuring your speech, creating a great opening and a powerful conclusion;

4. Specific details of appropriate body language, posture and correct breathing;

5. Giving your feedback in a constructive and positive way.

To enrol email, or call 02073818349