Get Rid of your Accent for Beginners


This book is ideal for beginner learners of English. It is also recommended for more advanced speakers of English as it contains the most essential everyday vocabulary. It is based on tried and tested methods used in London drama schools for decades. The book has useful phrases, humorous poems and short prose passages to help you practice your English accent.

This new book includes all the techniques that you need for accent reduction:
1. Learn and practice English sounds and essential vocabulary to master a British accent
2. Practice English intonation and sentence stress
3. Learn and use connected speech patterns
4. Practice difficult consonant clusters and word endings
5. Learn about silent letters in English spellings.

 This book is available in print on Amazon and in book stores and as an e-book on Kindle. Use this book with the companion iPhone app, English Accent for Beginners, in the Apple App Store, or with the audio book "Get Rid of your Accent for Beginners", available on

"This is a book useful for both those starting on the path of accent reduction and those that have used any of the previous books by Olga and Linda (my case). The method is the same but this volume concentrates on the most used words and expressions of daily life and I have found it really helpful in correcting my pronunciation of many commonly used phrases. I have also found the apps really helpful in comparing my pronunciation to the correct one, much more practical than the CDs."

"Excellent book. As a teacher, I need to find a way to reduce my foreign accent, to deliver good lessons and clear information to my students. This book is a very recommended tool, you only need time to practise and repeat as much as you can the different activities."

- Amazon customers