Get Rid of your Accent for Business

This is the only book on the market that has both pronunciation training and business vocabulary training. It's available in print on Amazon and book stores, as an e-book on Kindle, and as an audio book on Audible. Use this book with the companion iPhone app, Business English Speech, in the Apple App Store.

In this speech training manual, we teach you how to produce all British English sounds. Each chapter in the book covers one sound.

First, we explain how to place your tongue, lips and jaw for the target sound. Then you repeat the sound in words, phrases, sentences, proverbs, famous quotations, verses, and tongue twisters. In addition, you drill contraction exercises, words with silent letters, and French expressions used in business in the English speaking world.

This is the most complete and comprehensive resource for business speech training. It's written in the style of the Financial Times and The Economist. It contains interviews with top professionals from Finance, IT, HR, Marketing and Law to help you practice up-to date business lingo.

This book is a short cut to achieving a high level of Business English. Our customers tell us that it immediately helps them to improve their performance at work. It is a must-have for all professionals who would like to succeed in this competitive world.