Get Rid of your Accent, Advanced Level

In the first part of this speech training manual, we provide practical exercises for difficult speech patterns, such as word endings, consonant clusters, schwa, strong and weak forms of words. The second part is devoted to connected speech patterns. The third part deals with the natural flow of speech, intonation, sentence stress and onomatopoeia. The fourth part covers how to make your speech interesting to listen to using power, pitch, pace and pause. At the end of the book, we provide useful vowel and consonant comparisons, difficult to pronounce London Underground station names and place names. The book contains words, word pairs, colloquial expressions and idioms, sentences, dialogues, prose passages and poetry.

Here is feedback from Amazon:

By Alice on 27 July 2018

"An excellent, highly recommended book for everyone who wants to improve their accent.
Purchased “Get rid of your accent” part one, two and three. Each book has a different set of well structured lessons which make the learning experience positive and highly effective.
The lessons comprise a descriptive commentary supported by exercises and witty dialogues that are easy to memorise while listening to the included CDs.
Regular reading of passages and practising the dialogues greatly improve pronunciation skills and help to grasp the rhythm of English and intonation patterns."

“Fantastic book. Outstanding value for money,” 21 Oct. 2014 by José López

This review is from: Get Rid of Your Accent: Advanced Level Pt. 2: The English Speech Training Manual (Part 2) (Paperback)

"I bought this book on a whim, just like almost every book I purchase, so in a way I had no actual references of what it had in store.

I must confess to being a bit disappointed after a first quick look, to me it seemed too short, a pamphlet compared to the other book on pronunciation I already had (the fêted Cambridge advanced pronunciation in use). I thought there was nothing this one could actually offer, being overshadowed by the more professional-looking and sizable larger Cambridge's book.

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't taken in by the title. Marketing executives will brand a product as tantalisingly as possible to rack up a few sales but I was fully aware this book is a pronunciation course and not a magic nostrum. I'm deeply sorry to tell you there's no substitute for hard work.

Whereas the book covers contents that Cambridge's pronunciation in use series have taught me, this book's approach won me over quite soon. Unlike the first, it's not so weighty and thorough and instead this one goes straight to the point.

As an add-on, it often draws on funny -and hellishly hard- tongue-twisters to challenge even the most advanced students, and sentences include a wide range of English idioms and colloquialisms that you may as well learn along the way. That's what I call added value, and all in a small booklet! Some other readers have noted how well it feels to have the chance to listen to the name of English cities and emblematic places pronounced, too. I didn't mind about this too much, but I suppose it's another of its fortes.

Once again, I don't intend to disparage other authors or works -I love Cambridge's pronunciation in use-, but I personally favour a more minimalist and practical approach, and Get Rid of your Accent does the trick for me.

If you know what you're buying, and if you're willing to work your socks off to improve your pronunciation, fetch it already!"