BaTCS Global, a leading specialist in accent reduction. Established in 2006
Our vision: To make accent reduction simple, fast and easy for all!
Our mission: To help people worldwide succeed by reducing their accent and improving their English speech.

Our Prices:

Individual Speech Analysis: £95; 
Individual 60 minute Skype lesson: £95.
5% discount if you pay for a pack of 5 lessons , £450;
10%  discount if you pay for a pack of 10 lessons, £850.

Who developed our method

Our method was developed by Linda James, LARM, R.A.M. Dip. Ed. Linda has been teaching speech (Received Pronunciation; in the past it was called the Queen’s English, Oxford English or BBC English) in leading London drama schools for more than 20 years and accent eradication to foreign professionals for more than 30 years. She is also a trained actress and has worked extensively in both theatre and television, including "Only Fools and Horses," "Keeping Up Appearances" and many others. 

We cover all areas of accent reduction

Prior to starting training, we conduct each student’s speech analysis and produce a written report where we advise them which English sounds to practice and which vocal techniques and articulation exercises to do in order to neutralize or modify their accent. We also explain their pronunciation mistakes to them and immediately advise the student how to improve, in a very accessible way. You can see that the method works straight away.

Accent reduction process has several stages:

The first stage is to make sure that you put your lips, tongue and jaw in the right position for the learned sound. If you fail to do so, the sound will not be precise and may be different altogether. Follow the instructions on speech organ position given at the beginning of each lesson. Pronounce the sound several times, looking in the mirror to make sure you do it correctly. When you have just started working on a sound your speech organs are not trained, therefore they might not go automatically for a correct placement.  When you use the mirror, you can see yourself and adjust lips and jaw positions. When it comes to the tongue position, you need to think about its position and adjust it. When you feel that your sound is correct, start pronouncing the words, sentences and verses in the lesson.

The second stage is aimed at helping you learn a sound by repeating and imitating after the teacher. This exercise will help you to make the sound as correctly as possible and train your speech organs for the particular sound. The more you repeat, the better your pronunciation becomes.

The third stage gives you an opportunity to practice the sound on your own with our  accent apps and books. You will be hearing yourself and mastering the sound. This stage is essential before recording yourself. We recommend that you practice each sound for about 20-40 minutes a day, with little breaks in between.

The fourth stage involves recording yourself and listening to the recording. It helps you to see whether you have progressed in mastering the pronunciation and to identify where you still make mistakes.

The fifth stage focuses on eliminating mistakes. Correctly repeating the words where you made a mistake will help you avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future.

The sixth stage has the purpose of helping you incorporate the learned sound in everyday speech. It’s about paying attention when you speak. We say: think before you speak and slow down for the period of mastering your speech. Because if you speak fast you are likely  to speak in your autopilot mode, with your accent. After the lessons you will be able to correct yourself. This stage is also trying to find the learned sound in the newspapers, on the radio, on TV and when people are speaking English. 

Our Partners

Get Rid of your Accent for Beginners, ISBN 9780955330063, Get Rid of your Accent Part One, ISBN 9780955330001, Get Rid of your Accent Part Two, Advanced level, ISBN 9780955330018 and  Get Rid of your Accent for Business Part Three, ISBN 9780955330025  are now stocked by Bertrams and Gardners! Copy and paste the ISBN number to order and get details.

Gardners Books 1 Whittle Drive Eastbourne East Sussex BN23 6QH Telephone: +44 (0) 1323 521555

Gardners Books 1 Whittle Drive Eastbourne East Sussex BN23 6QH
Telephone: +44 (0) 1323 521555

Bertram Books 1 Broadland Business Park Norwich NR7 0WF Telephone: ++44(0)1603 648005

Bertram Books 1 Broadland Business Park Norwich NR7 0WF
Telephone: ++44(0)1603 648005

Colleges that use our books

Linda and Olga, authors of the books, have been conducting workshops for teachers and students in many colleges that teach English as a foreign language. The books and apps are an invaluable resource for them.

"Clearly, the authors of the book have collected years of experience and expertise to create this practical and effective tool for speech study."  Joe Windley, Head of Speech, Central School of Speech and Drama, London