Fluent English Speech

This toolkit is based on 17 lessons from our second book. You can get the best of our amazing lessons in one easy-to-use app that goes everywhere with you. Practice word pairs, amusing dialogues and colloquial expressions to sound like a native English speaker.

In the first part of this app we provide practical exercises for difficult speech patterns, such as word endings, consonant clusters, schwa, strong and weak forms of words.

The second part is devoted to connected speech patterns and helps you speak in phrases rather than separate words like beginners.

The third part deals with natural flow of speech, intonation and sentence stress. It will help you to make your speech easy and interesting to listen to.

Students can play audio tracks, listen, repeat, record themselves, and compare their pronunciation with the model.

Three things this app will help you with:

• Becoming fluent in English

• Developing English intonation and sentence rhythm

• Learning and practising idioms and colloquial expressions to sound more like a native English speaker

Our recommendations to fluency in English:

1. To sound more English we recommend that you download our first app "Get Rid of your Accent UK1" (link) or for American English "American Accent Toolkit"(link)  to sort out your sounds. Because if your sounds are not clear people might not understand you.

2. The next step is to work on sentence stress, intonation and connected speech patterns to develop fluency. This app "Fluency in English" helps with these.