Accelerating Success for Immigrants and International Business People

Guest blog post
Bud Smith

There is a phenomenon called "immigrant energy" that makes some immigrants to English-speaking countries very successful. However, mastering English - which increases people's success - often takes several generations:

  • The first generation has either no English skills, or limited English skills, with a strong or very strong accent.

  • The second generation speaks their parents' language at home and English at school, which leaves them with less English skill and either a strong or a mild accent.

  • The third generation speaks English at home and at school, giving them full English skills and a mild accent or no accent.

International business people often follow a similar trajectory.

Our Get Rid of your Accent products accelerate this process. We help first-generation immigrants and international business people graduate quickly to a mild accent. That way, people have the energy of new immigrants, but the language skills of the second or third generation.

By reducing your accent and speaking in clear, understandable English, you change the subject. It's no longer, "What country are you from?" Instead, you talk about work, education, fun, family - whatever you want to talk about.

If you don't already use one of our products, we suggest you book a speech analysis on Skype or consider buying one of our book and app combinations today.