5 most important benefits of elocution lessons

5 most important benefits of elocution lessons.

  1. Your speech will be clear and easy to understand.
    Elocution lessons involve doing lots of articulation exercises and learning how to pronounce vowels and diphthongs.

  2. Your sentence stress and use of pauses will make your messages precise and powerful.
    Another important part of elocution lessons is to work on stresses and pauses. You will learn which words you should stress and which “throw away”, a phrase used by actors. You will also see how powerful the use of pause can be.

  3. You will know how to breath correctly to increase the volume or the power of your voice.
    Elocution lessons will help you if you are worried your voice is too quiet and people ask to repeat you what you said often because they cannot hear you.

  4. Your posture will be straight.
    The basis of all breath is posture. Here is the basic thing to check to improve your posture.
    Stand in a good centred position with feet firmly on the floor, slightly apart, relaxing the knees and hips, and keeping the shoulders down, free from any tension. Feel your spine straightening with your head balanced on the neck, as if it was attached to the ceiling by a piece of elastic coming from the top of it.

  5. Your will sound confident and become more confident as a person.
    Having good posture and confident speech allows us to conclude that elocution lessons will help you enhance your overall image which in turn will open doors to greater opportunities.

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