What some English people feel when there hear foreign accents

We conducted research among native English people who work with non-native English speakers. We asked them what they thought about colleagues with a foreign accent that is difficult to understand. These were their replies:

·       Frustration;

·       Anxiety;

·       Doubt if they are being understood;

·       Accent distracting them from what is being said.

We run courses for diplomats and professionals in London. We have had people on our courses who have been living in England for many years, but because they never learned how to pronounce English sounds correctly, they sounded as if they had only just arrived in this country. They told us they felt inadequate because they were being asked to repeat themselves because of their bad pronunciation. In fact only a few days ago, on 24 September 2017 there was a BBC program about a Polish lady who decided to get rid of her accent. Here is the link: