The best way to start speaking English


The most fun and useful part about learning English is to communicate well: to understand others and to be understood.

The best way to get there is to listen, repeat and then record yourself. We created a new Kindle and Audible pronunciation course for beginners called “Get Rid of your Accent for Beginners”, by Linda James and Olga Smith.  It is quick and easy. You will overcome your fear to speak English, learn many useful phrases and much more! Within just 3-4 weeks you will understand most of what others say and speak in a way so that others understand you!

 4 tips to start speaking English fast:

1.Listen to the same phrase/ sentence/verse to master the English sounds a few times;

2. Repeat by imitating the actor’s pronunciation, intonation and the stresses;

3. Record yourself, play back your recording and note down your mistakes;

4. Listen, repeat and record again words with mistakes until you get rid of them.

Best of luck to start speaking good English!


Olga Smith

Here is the link to the Audible version:

Here is the link to the Kindle version: