The most difficult English sound for many nationalities

Why people have accents
One of the reasons is that not all English sounds exist in other languages. For example, there is no [th] sound in Russian, French, Hindu, and many other languages. Many Russians pronounce [s,z] instead of [th] and instead of "think" they would say "sink". Indians pronounce [t,d] and instead of  "that" they would pronounce "dat". The meaning of the word changes completely and as a result others cannot understand what they are trying to say. This can be uncomfortable for both the speaker and the listener. Moreover if one's speech is difficult to understand their job prospects and promotions are at risk.

Ten days ago we have published a video course entitled "Get Rid of your Accent" on Udemy. This course covers all English sounds of Received Pronunciation ( or as it was called in the past Queens English, BBC English, Oxford English). We have a limited time promotion on it (75% discount). Using this course and our apps which are optimized for tablets, smart phones and computers you can study anywhere, anytime!

The main benefits of this course to students
You can watch each lesson several times and master the correct placement of your speech organs for English sounds to perfection. You will get unique tips and techniques for accent reduction which are not in our books and apps.

The enclosed video is lesson 36 from our video course:

If you have problems with this sound, watch this video, then practice this sound with our apps and books for a week, 20-30 minutes a day. We recommend that you slow down your speech to allow yourself time to think before you speak and place your speech organs correctly. When you speak fast there is no time to think about the correct pronunciation.

I hope you enjoy studying with our apps, books and videos. E-mail to book your speech analysis in order to check your progress and reduce time and effort to achieve your goals.

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